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Application Procedures - Timeline
Step Details Timeline
Fall Term Spring Term
1 Applicants submit an application directly to EPIK,  an MOU/MOA organizations, or a Recruitment Agency currently working with EPIK.    Feb - Jul    Aug - Jan
2 Applicants who have passed the initial application screening stage will be invited to online interview with EPIK.    Apr - Jul    Oct - Jan
3 Applicants who successfully pass the interview will need to prepare and submit their required documents directly to EPIK or to their associated partner organization for screening and review.    Apr - Jul    Oct - Jan
4 Applicants who submit all required documents correctly will have their application recommended to either a metropolitan or provincial office of education. The offices of education will review the application and make a final decision on a submitted application.    Apr - Jul    Oct - Jan
5 Applicants who have been selected by an office of education will receive documents necessary for applying for their necessary visa.    Jun - Jul    Dec - Jan
6 Applicants will apply and obtain the necessary visa for teaching in Korea at their local Korean embassy or consulate.    Jul - Aug    Jan - Feb
7 Applicants will arrange a flight into Korea.    Jul - Aug    Jan - Feb
Applicants will be picked-up at the airport and led to orientation.    Late Aug    Late Feb
8 Applicants will attend a mandatory EPIK orientation.    Late Aug    Late Feb
9 Applicants who complete orientation will begin their contracts.     Late Aug     Late Feb
*This is a general reference and expected dates and details are subject to change.