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Time  History
1981-1996 200 American Peace Corps teachers placed in secondary schools and universities throughout Korea
1992 8 Fulbright ETA teachers (under the age of 30 and holding Bachelor's degree) placed in middle and high schools throughout the provincial areas in Korea by the Korean-American Educational Commission's Fulbright program
1994.7 Selected as one of the Ministry of Education's primary projects for fostering international education
1995.5 "Reinforcing Foreign Language Education" and "Reinforcing Globalization Education" promoted as education reformation tasks
1995.7 54 EPIK teachers recruited by the Korea National University of Education (Training Center: National Institute for International Education Development)
2007.1-6 EPIK jointly operated by the Korea National University of Education(KNUE) and the National Institute for International Education Development(NIIED)
2007.7 EPIK transferred to NIIED, an institute under the Ministry of Education
2008.12 Established personnel management system for EPIK teachers
2009.10 1,263 EPIK teachers placed in the 2009 Spring and Fall Terms
2010.10 1,821 EPIK teachers placed in the 2010 Spring and Fall Terms
2011.10 2,151 EPIK teachers placed in the 2011 Spring and Fall Terms
2012.10 1,483 EPIK teachers placed in the 2012 Spring and Fall Terms
2013.10 1,590 EPIK teachers placed in the 2013 Spring and Fall Terms
2014.10 1,165 EPIK teachers placed in the 2014 Spring and Fall Terms