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  • Q: How can I apply?

    Applying directly to EPIK is very easy. For more information, please check the “Apply Now” section.

  • Q: Is there a difference between applying directly to EPIK or applying through a recruiter?

    People who apply directly through EPIK typically have a faster response time and are granted interviews quicker than those who go through a recruiter. In addition, the application deadline is a lot sooner for recruiters. Lastly, the recruiters we work with vary each application term, so you will want to check our 'Application Procedures' section to see which recruiters we are currently working with.

  • Q: When should I apply and when is the application deadline?

    We do not have a set application deadline. Depending on the number of positions and the number of applications received, this can vary from term to term. That being said, the application process can be quite lengthy and those who apply sooner have a definite advantage over those who apply late. For the Spring term, you should visit our website and apply beginning in August. For those interested in the Fall term, applications should be sent starting in February. Be sure to check the “Important News” bulletin on our homepage before applying, as we will indicate there what term we are accepting applications for.

  • Q: What do I need to apply?

    Initially, the only documents needed to apply are the application forms and two scanned letters of recommendation. All other required documents will only be requested if you pass the interview.

  • Q: One of the people writing my letter of recommendation does not want to send me the letter of recommendation directly. Is it possible to have them send it to EPIK?

    Yes. Initially, they will have to scan and email it to the correct application email address around the time you submit your application. Please ensure they title the subject line as “LOR-Your Name”. Should you pass the interview, then you would have to give them our mailing address for the referee to mail us the original letter.

  • Q: I am currently an EPIK teacher but want to change locations. How should I proceed?

    If you want to change locations within your province or metropolitan city, you should speak with your MOE/POE supervisor. They can give you more information. If you want to change locations entirely (going from Ulsan to Seoul for example), you will need to reapply directly to EPIK.