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EPIK (English Program In Korea)|설문조사 참여
2013 EPIK Orientation Lecturer Open Selection
2013 EPIK Orientation Lecturer Open Selection
  Date: 2013-06-12 12:29     View: 1457  

Greetings Prospective Lecturers,


Thank you for your interest in the English Program in Korea (EPIK).  EPIK cordially invites you to apply for the EPIK Orientation Lecturer Open Selection.


This open selection will not only be a great opportunity for the EPIK training team to work with many qualified lecturers, but we also believe that it will be a great chance for experienced educators to share their knowledge on various topics to future guest English teachers.


The EPIK orientation curriculum has been designed to help with the understanding of the Korean Education system and Korean culture as well as to assist with developing teaching skills.


The EPIK training team is endeavoring to develop the orientation program by inviting excellent lecturers.


If you are interested in becoming an EPIK orientation lecturer, please contact us with the application form. Please refer to the attached files and send the application and video clips to Jenna Song, the EPIK training manager at (flores12@korea.kr).


Thank you for your interest.


We hope to meet many qualified lecturers soon.




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