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EPIK (English Program In Korea)|설문조사 참여
Photo Announcement for All Incoming Teachers
Photo Announcement for All Incoming Teachers
  Date: 2011-02-01 11:43     View: 1545  

Dear Spring 2011 EPIK applicants, 


We wish to inform all incoming teachers of an important new requirement for the upcoming orientation.  Please be aware that all new teachers who will be starting their contracts this spring are required to bring 3 passport quality photos to the orientation. As a successful applicant, you already submitted at least one passport photo with your application documents; however, you will be required to provide 3 additional photos shortly after your arrival for various administrative purposes.  One photo must be submitted during the orientation for your medical exam, another will be submitted to your local Immigration office after the orientation when you apply for your alien registration card, and the third photo will be given to your school. 


Also, because the photos are for official purposes, it is important that they adhere to very specific guidelines:

1)    Photos must be 3x4 cm (3 cm wide, 4 cm long).

2)    The photo must be a professional photo of your face and the top of your shoulders. Essentially, it must be a standard passport photo.

3)    Please wear professional or semi-professional attire (no casual clothing please).


Additionally, you may want to request a few extra photos for other purposes after your arrival, especially if you are planning on staying in Korea for longer than just one year.  With the orientation only a few short weeks away (February 22nd for Seoul, February 17th for everywhere else), we recommend obtaining these photos at your earliest convenience.  We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation with this request, and we hope that obtaining these photos will not be too burdensome for you as you prepare to come to Korea.


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