Announcing upcoming February 2011 orientation

EPIK Support Team
EPIK is planning to hold February Orientation in 2011 after the completion of Spring Recruitment. To serve more than 1,000 new EPIKers, the orientation will be taken a place at three different cities: Seoul, Busan and Jeonju at the end of February, 2011. All new EPIKers who will be trained in Busan must arrive at the Gimhae International airport while other EPIKers arrive at Incheon International airport. EPIK will do its best to prepare the most suitable training programs for all incoming teachers. Some programs will focus on educational methodologies, Korean culture & language as well as lesson practices.

Many EPIKers in the past have enjoyed the company of colleagues during and after the orientation. Although they are from 7 different countries, they become close friends who share teaching ideas, and strategies overcoming fear of teaching or cultural differences. If any current EPIK teachers know new incoming teachers, please let them know about EPIK orientation for newcomers.
EPIK welcomes all new EPIKers and hope they will cherish what EPIK offers during the orientation period. All updated information will be posted at the EPIK website( under the title, ¡°What¡¯s New.¡± EPIK is looking forward to meeting all new teachers very soon.