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  • Q: Do I need a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA?

    All applicants are required to be at least a level 2 or higher on our pay scale. Please view the pay scale under "Job Descriptions > Salary & Benefits > Pay Scale" to check if you currently qualify for level 2 or higher. 

    For those without a degree in education, a valid teacher's license/certificate, or a year of TaLK experience, a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/etc. certification of at least 100 or more hours would be required to qualify as level 2.

    Applicants may apply for the program before they have completed any of the above requirements, but must meet one of these requirements and submit proof of such no later than 1.5 months prior to the contract start date. 

  • Q: My CELTA course will be completed before the start of the contract, but the actual certificate will not be issued until after the start of the contract. Can I submit a letter as proof in place of the completion certificate?

    No. Unfortunately, a copy of the final certification is a required document and must be submitted no later than six weeks prior to the contract start date.

  • Q: Will EPIK acknowledge a Bachelor or Master degree obtained outside one of the 7 countries EPIK hires from?

    No. All degrees must be obtained from institutions in one of the following countries: the United States, the United Kingdon, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or South Africa.

  • Q: Does EPIK accept FBI checks through channelers?

    Yes, as long as the channeler is one of the official FBI-approved channelers (you can find this information on the FBI website) we will accept the check. The check received must be eligible for apostille, so all applicants using channelers should inquire regarding this with the channeler they have chosen to use.

  • Q: Is there any TEFL/TESOL certifications or companies you prefer?

    EPIK does not have a preference for one certification, company, or accredation over another. We cannot provide any recommendation for specific courses. EPIK suggests you choose a course that suits your preferences, needs, and budget. If you have a question as to whether a certain program or certification will be recogtnized by EPIK, please send an inquiry including a link to the certification program to epik@korea.kr.

  • Q: I currently work in Korea. Will I need to obtain new documents to apply to EPIK?

    Applicants who currently work in Korea are able to submit certified copies of documents when applying or re-applying to EPIK. For more information, visit the Required Documents page (Application > Required Documents) and click on the "Documents for In-Country Applicants" tab.