Life in Korea
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State Agencies

Government of the Republic of Korea
Ministry of Education

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism


National Pension Service
Military Manpower Administration
National Health Insurance
Korea Tourism Organization (Information on travel and festivals in Korea)
Hi Korea (Korean government On-line Service Center for foreigners)
Immigration Offices (Call 1345 to issue Alien Registration Cards and permission to stay)

Learn the Korean Language

Korean Laguage Study on the Internet

Oral Translation Services (Using Cell Phones)

If English oral translation is needed in Korea, dial 1588-5644, then press 1(English), then you will be automatically connected with an interpreter.

Urgent Help Call centers

Fire/Accident/Rescue : Dial 119
Crime Report : Dial 112
General Contacts Info Within Country : 114
General and Broad Info : 120