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EPIK (English Program In Korea)|설문조사 참여
Requesting "2021 Summer e-Newsletter" Contributions
Requesting "2021 Summer e-Newsletter" Contributions
  Date: 2021-06-08 16:40     View: 1750  
EPIK is looking for EPIK teachers to contribute articles and other materials to our upcoming newsletter.

We are looking for teachers willing to share about their experiences as an EPIK teacher in the classroom or newly adjusting to life in Korea. In particular, we want you to share your teaching experiences. (How have you had to adapt to life in Korea?, What has been working for you in the EPIK classroom?, etc.)

Submission Guidelines:
1. Article: 1 Page in Length (WORD file) with 4 attached photos (JPG, JPEG)
2. Card News: 6 Slides (JPG, JPEG dimensions of 800px x 800px)
3. Video Clip: Around 5 Minutes in Length (MP4)
Submit the original file with the attached documents for consideration.

Eligible Participants:
2020 and 2021 EPIK Teachers

Selected items will receive monetary compensation

For submissions, please send to : halee1223@korea.kr 
Materials will need to be submitted by June 25th.

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