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Fall 2014 Recruitment & Orientation
This past spring we launched our recruitment for Fall term and it received a huge response! We had over 2,000 applications! Now, after processing and reviewing those applications, interviews, and recommendations, we are almost at the final stages of the EPIK process. Soon we will be starting to send out our placement notifications and then sending our contracts and notices of appointment. It has been a long road, but we are nearing our destination!

EPIK endeavors to facilitate all our Guest English Teachers(GETs)’ growth and development as teachers by offering training programs. For the August 2014 semester EPIK will hold two on-site orientations for those arriving for the main intake in August at Jeonju University in Jeollabuk-do from February 19th to 27th; and in Daejeons’ KT Human Resources Development centre from August 18th to 26th. It is a 9 day event that is full of eye-opening classes, events,
and opportunities for teachers to get to know one another and become accustomed to life in Korea.

Detailed information about the location and schedules for each venue will soon be posted on the EPIK website under the “What’s New” section and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Please note that all GETs are also required to participate in the 15 hour pre-orientation online program which covers a variety of topics such as Korean culture and language, introduction to the school facilities and etiquette and sample co-teaching demonstrations. All GETs will be invited via email with log-in information after the Acceptance Packages are sent out and must complete the program before arrival in Korea and present the certificate during the onsite orientation.

For those who joined the EPIK Program in the 2014 February and March intake, we also offer an online In-service training program to aide GETs in improving their pedagogical skills by introducing various teaching & classroom management strategies. It is also made up of 15 units and mandatory to complete by July 31, 2014.

We look forward to seeing all the new faces and giving them insight into life in Korea!