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Spring 2014: A Chance for a New Beginning
Albert Kim
EPIK Coordinator
After a successful Fall 2013 term, the entire EPIK staff is gearing towards the upcoming Spring intake. We expect to hire approximately 800 new teachers for the Provincial and Metropolitan Offices of Education nationwide. The number of teachers requested this term is slightly higher than the previous term and serves as proof of the EPIK program’s appeal.

We are always looking for dynamic people who want to be a cultural ambassador and facilitator of English education. The EPIK program gives people the unique opportunity to explore a new culture and shape the minds of the future leaders of Korea. Every semester, we endeavor to strengthen the recruitment process and only select the most qualified Guest English Teachers. If you know of anyone who loves working with students and exudes enthusiasm, please refer them to our program. While there are many different ways to apply, it is best to do so directly through our website (www.epik.go.kr or www.epik.kr).

Currently, we are accepting applications for the Spring term. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at epik@korea.kr and our friendly and helpful staff will assist you in any way we can. As the positions fill up quickly, applicants who apply sooner will have a greater chance to secure a position. Even if you apply later though, everyone here will try their best to help make this opportunity a reality.