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  • Q: Will an applicant with an in-class TEFL component be offered a position over someone with a fully online course?

    An in-class component is only required for placement in the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education as they require that any TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/etc certification of 100 or more hours contain at least 50- or more hours of in-class instruction.

    For other locations, this is not a requirement, but an in-class component often offers better preparation for teaching in Korea, so applicants should consider that when choosing their certification course.

  • Q: I want to apply with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Can we be placed near each other?

    Applying early and having yuor documents ready and advance can assist in this situation. While we cannot guarantee that you will be placed near one another, the likelihood of both of you being placed in the same office of education is better if you apply and submit final documents early. Placements within a specific office of education are handled by the Office of Education and they will make the final determination but will take an applicants' situation into consideration.

  • Q: May I defer my acceptance until the following term?

    As all terms are independent of each other, you would have to reapply to the program for the following term should you withdraw from the current term and wish to apply for the next term. Please note that withdrawal after final placement would result in the inability to apply for the following two terms.

  • Q: Can unmarried couples receive couple housing?

    Unfortunately, unmarried couples are unable to receive couple housing. Couple housing is very limited and strictly reserved for married (joint) applicants who are both hired as EPIK teachers.

  • Q. Can I apply with a dependent?

    You may apply with a dependent (spouse and/or children). There is a section on the application form for you to list each dependent. However, no special consideration will be made for applicants with dependents in regards to the size of housing, and applicants will be responsible for all matters regarding their dependents including visa procurement.