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  • Q: How can I apply?

    To begin the process applicants need to just submit a completed application and 2 scanned letters of recommendation along with any other initial application required documents through our online application system.

    For more information, please check the “Apply Now” section of our website.

  • Q: Is there a difference between applying directly to EPIK or applying through a recruiter?

    Each direct applicant is allocated a dedicated EPIK Coordinator at the interview stage that will work closely with the applicant to ensure that their application and documentation are prepared correctly and quickly for successful placement.

    Recruitment agencies may provide some additional services outside the scope of the EPIK Program that may be beneficial to some applicants depending on their needs.

  • Q: When should I apply and when is the application deadline?

    As the application process is similar to rolling admission, we do not have a set application deadline for any given term. Depending on the number of positions and the number of applications received, the closing date can vary from term to term. That being said, the application process can be quite lengthy, and those who apply sooner have a definite advantage over those who apply late.

    For the Spring term, applications will open on August 1st of the preceding year. For those interested in the Fall term, applications will open on the February 1st of that year with the application available on our website a week or so before. Be sure to check the “Important News” bulletin on our homepage before applying, as application related news will be posted there.

  • Q: What do I need to apply?

    Please review the initial application guide and details found on the "Apply Now" page.

  • Q: One of the people writing my letter of recommendation does not want to send me the letter of recommendation directly. Is it possible to have them send it to EPIK?

    Please email epik@korea.kr for instructions on how and where they may submit their letter of recommendation, but we would still prefer that these be sent primarily through the standard method detailed for the online application.

  • Q: I am currently an EPIK teacher but want to change locations. How should I proceed?

    If you want to change locations within your provincial or metropolitan office of education, you should speak with your MOE/POE supervisor as they will handle all internal transfers.

    If you want to change offices of education entirely (going from Ulsan to Seoul for example), you will need to reapply directly to EPIK, but the process will be more streamlined.