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Heating and Electricity

The floors in most residential housing are also heated through the use of 'On-dol', a Korean heating system. Each housing unit has an individual boiler that heats the floor and the water. Electricity voltage is 220V-compatible. If you have 100V electronic appliances, voltage transformers can be purchased at discount stores or at nearby neighborhood stores.


Korean tap water is safe for drinking and cooking. Bottled water is widely available as well.

Washer and Dryer

Washers are available in many homes. Some washers have dryer features along with them. Most Koreans hang their clothes to dry. Drying racks can easily be purchased at discount stores or at neighborhood marts.

Residential Types

  • One Room
    Residence culture is changing in Korea. A common type of residence is one room designed for single people. One room includes facilities such as eating, sleeping and cooking facilities. There are two types of payments for one room. One is the lease of a room on a deposit basis and the other is monthly rental plus deposit.
  • Officetel and Apartment, Accommodation Unit
    There are different places to rent while staying in Korea. It includes officetel, apartment, and a house good for one person only. You can rent a house with one room which is good for one person or a house with several rooms which are good for several people in Korea. There are no special restrictions or conditions in renting a room or a house. However, because of the deposit that should be returned to you after your contract has been expired, you should go to a district office to make a contract lease or rental. You should wait for the approval of the contract because it would serve as your protection when legal problems arise.

Kinds of Lease

  • Deposit
    A big amount of deposit is given to a house owner once except tax. The general condition for a 2-year contract is that a leaser can receive his deposit after the expiration of the contract.
  • Monthly Rental
    A type of payment where in a deposit is given to the house owner and pay the room or house rental every month. Usually this type of payment is suitable for one room which is good for one person only and for people who move frequently.

Useful Tips

Things to be careful of :

  • First of all, visit the unit you wish to live in and check the appliances and surroundings.
  • Be sure to identify the landlord and make the contract with the landlord. If you make a contract with someone other than the landlord, and the landlord doesn't acknowledge the contract, you may not get your deposit back (usually a significant sum).
  • You can see a certified copy of the property register to identify the landlord. You will see the name of the landlord, the address, size and structure of the unit and the status of any debt on the unit. You can get a certified copy of the property register by visiting registry offices or on their website.
  • At the time of contract, 10 percent of the total deposit is paid, with the remainder paid on the day you move in. Be sure to get a receipt.
  • Check the list below before signing any contract. Check if the address of the property in the contract is identical to that of the certified copy of the property register;
    Make sure the amount of deposit is correct;
    Check that the dates for the down payment, any interim payments and payment of the remainder are correctly recorded;
    Make sure you understand the terms of the contract and everything else in the contract;
    Make sure the landlord has signed or stamped the contract him- or herself;
    There should be three copies of the contract made: one for you, one for the landlord and one for the real estate agency. All should be stamped or signed.
  • After you move in, make sure to fill in the proper documentation to notify the dong office that you have moved in, and get a stamp saying "Date confirmed" on the contract, otherwise you might not get your money back if there are any problems.

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