Training Programs
  • Mandatory Training Requirement
  • Online Pre-Orientation
  • Main On-site Orientaton
  • Mid-Semester On-site Orientation
  • Online In-Service Training


  • To provide a better understanding of Korean culture and history
  • To acquire knowledge relevant to areas of elementary, middle and high school curricula
  • To facilitate the transition of EPIK teachers into their local schools
  • To provide tips for adjusting to life in Korea
  • To teach Survival Korean phrases and expressions

Duration : 15 training hours will be accumulated upon completion.

Eligibility : Incoming EPIK teachers who have received their Contract and Notice of Appointment

Requirements : Completion of all 15 courses
* After completing the program, EPIK teachers will be able to print a certificate of completion.


Unit Title
1 Introduction to the EPIK Program
2 School Facilities, Staff, and Etiquette
3 Korean Students & English Education in Korea
4 An EPIK Teacher's Daily Life & School Events
5 Co-teaching Sample Classes
6 Living in Korea 1 : Housing, Mobile & Banking
7 Living in Korea 2 : Transportation, Currency & Shopping
8 Korean Industries, Landmarks and Festivals
9 Korean History: Past and Present
10 Understanding Korean Culture & Cultural Differences
11 Survival Korean 1: Let's Learn Hangeul!
12 Survival Korean 2: Self-introduction
13 Survival Korean 3: Essential Phrases at School
14 Survival Korean 4: Greetings & Basic Expressions
15 Arrival Preparation & FAQs