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EPIK Fall 2021 Application

Applications for the 2nd round of the Fall 2021 application period have opened. Applications for this round will close on May 10th at 12PM (Noon), Korean Standard Time.

The key difference is that a scan of a national level criminal record check dated from on or after February 1st, 2021 AND a scan of a completed bachelor’s diploma must be submitted when applying.

For applicants applying directly:
The documents should be emailed to within 12 hours of when one submits their application through the online portal. You must title your email with the scans as "EPIK Fall 2021 Application - Document Scans" If one fails to submit these scans via email in the set time, their application will be rejected.

For applicants applying through a partner agency:
Please check with your agency for specifics on application for this round and how to submit evidentiary documents.

Due to the easing of visa restrictions, applicants from the UK and South Africa are permitted to apply for the second round.

Applicants who have previously applied for the Fall 2021 term, are not permitted to submit a new application.

To submit an application, please click the button below for a link to our online application system. When creating an account, please use an email address that you will have easy and reliable access to. The email address cannot be changed afterwards, and if you lose access to your email, you will not be permitted to resubmit a new application under your name by using a different account and email address. As such, we usually recommend not using university-based email addresses as these tend to become restricted after graduation by some universities.

Important Notice: At this time, it has become clear that the quarantine measures and requirements for individuals entering Korea from abroad will not be eased in the upcoming months. All applicants should note that if the quarantine is still a requirement at the time of the Fall 2021 term arrival, applicants will need to cover the costs of the quarantine themselves. At this time, this ranges from 1.4 to 2.1 million KRW. Before applying, please take this into consideration. If unable to cover these costs, it would be best to wait until a future term when the quarantine may be lifted. If you are currently in Korea on a valid visa, quarantine will likely not apply to you, but please send an email to for clarification and to check for any further potential complications with your current visa type.

Before starting your application, please read through the the Initial Application Preparation Guide . This will give you details on what you need to prepare before starting your application on the online system. You will be prompted to upload certain files while you complete the online application, and this guide will give you specifics on how to prepare those in advance.

We recommend that applicants join the official Facebook group for this term at EPIK Fall 2021 Official Facebook Group. Here we will post updates throughout the application period, you may ask questions here as well, and you can meet others applying for the term.


For direct applicants, we will begin reviewing applications in the order received in the weeks following the opening of applications. At that time, we will inform applicants whether or not they have been selected for an interview. It will take some time to review applications, so please be patient in waiting for a reply from us as this may take some time.

For applicants applying through an official Recruitment Agency or one of our partner MOU/MOA Organizations, please be sure to contact them directly first before creating an account/submitting an application for specific directions and guidelines.

TIP: While not necessary for the initial application, we do recommend that applicants begin the process of obtaining their other mandatory or optional documents as listed in the Required Documents section in advance. These only need to be submitted after a successful interview, but having them ready to go sooner rather than later would be beneficial overall. However, please note that having these ready early does not guarantee acceptance at any stage in the application process.

Any questions can be sent to, Before submitting a question please read through the 'FAQ' and the
Initial Application Preparation Guide thoroughly.

Thank you for your interest in EPIK!


The EPIK Team


Initial Application Preparation Guide: Initial Application Preparation Guide
(Click above for specifics on documents required for initial application!)
Guidelines for Korean Nationality Status Check: Korean Nationality Guidelines
(If ethnically Korean or a Korean citizen, check before application!)