Greetings to our EPIK Newsletter readers! Four weeks have passed since the new EPIK teachers finished their orientation. When I met them during the February Orientation in Jeonju and Daejeon, they were both excited and anxious to go to their new assigned schools. I can only imagine the reality they are now facing.
February 2013 EPIK Orientation
The EPIK program’s 2013 February orientation in Jeonju and Daejeon aimed to prepare ...
Leturer's Reflection
Another orientation has finished and almost a thousand teachers have been sent to ...
Letter From a Staff
Just past February, it was my honor to be a part of the EPIK orientation as a class ...
Student Volunteer's Reflection
About a dozen teenagers gathered up at the entrance of the Korean Folk Village, excitedly ...
February 2013 EPIK Orientation
“I am quite lucky.” That was what I was thinking during the long bus ride from
Busan to Jeonju, then Jeonju to Daejeon.
Settling In
“There are many reasons why one would want to travel to teach EFL in Korea.
Whether it be to travel the globe...
Fall 2013 Application
With a successful recruitment term for the spring of 2013 complete, the EPIK team’s focus and energy will turn toward preparations for the upcoming Fall 2013 term. We expect to receive somewhere in the range of 800 new requests for teachers from our partners in the Provincial and Metropolitan Offices of Education nationwide.
April 2013 EPIK Orientation
EPIK will be holding the 2013 April Orientation to serve about 160 Guest English Teachers (GETs).
Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK) is the language test administered by the National Institute for International Education.